Post-baccalaureate admitted students

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Congratulations and welcome, new Post-Baccalaureate student!

Congratulations and welcome to the University of Washington Bothell! You are now a member of our Husky family.

Take some time to celebrate your achievement. Being admitted to UW Bothell is a huge accomplishment and another step towards making your dreams a reality.

This webpage details all the steps you need to take to enroll at UW Bothell and prepare to start your college career! Check out our admissions FAQ page.

A warm welcome from Chancellor Kristin Esterberg, PhD

To accept your offer of admission from UW Bothell, you must:

1: Create your UW NetID

Your UW NetID is your key to accessing UW services — from accepting your admission offer to registering for classes. Use your application login to set up your NetID. Your NetID will also be used to create your UW email address: You’ll just add Once you set up your NetID, it can’t be changed, so pick something you’ll want to use for all purposes!

Learn how to create your UW NetID

2: Pay a $100 deposit

Now that you have your official UW NetID, you can use it to log in and pay your non-refundable $100 deposit. Once you start taking classes, this $100 will be credited toward your first quarter’s tuition at UW Bothell. If you don’t end up coming to UW Bothell, this deposit cannot be refunded.

Pay $100 deposit

After accepting:

Regularly check your UW email

Remember the UW email address you set up in Step 1? Important information from UW Bothell will be sent to your new email address.

How to access your UW email inbox

Complete the General Immunity Verification Requirement

All first-time students, regardless of where they live, must meet the UW Tri-Campus Immunity Verification Requirement. 澳门赌场 requirement protects our community from outbreaks of these infectious diseases: measles, mumps and meningitis ACWY.

Complete the General Immunity Verification Requirement step.