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Can I meet with an admissions counselor over the phone, by email or over Zoom?

Yes! To set up an advising appointment, please submit our Appointment Request Form.

When should I apply?

For first-year admissions: Admission to the University of Washington Bothell is competitive and we highly recommend that you apply before the early action deadline. 澳门赌场 application will be considered complete when all required documents are received. Please review the How to Apply and Admissions Requirements webpages for more information.

For transfer admissions: As a transfer applicant, you’ll apply directly to your desired major. Please review our program admission deadlines to see when your desired major accepts applications throughout the year, as each program has a different deadline. See the application dates and deadlines webpage for more information.

For post-baccalaureate admissions: Please review the application dates and deadlines webpage for more information.

For non-matriculated admissions: Non-matriculated student applications are due on the first day of instruction for your desired term. We encourage you to apply before the deadline as applications are considered on a space available basis. Please refer to the application dates & deadlines page for instruction start dates.

For returning student admissions: Requests for re-enrollment are accepted up to a week before the start of the requested quarter.

Am I ready to apply?

If you would like to speak to a counselor about your application, please feel free to contact our admissions team. Admissions counselors can guide you step by step through the application process and are available for in-person, email, phone and chat advising. Connect with a counselor!

What documents are required with my application?

For first-year admissions: First-year students will need to submit official transcripts for the last 4 years of high school. Review the FAQ’s transcripts section for more information.

For transfer admissions: Transfer students will need to submit transcripts from all institutions you attended after high school, and we may also require your high school transcripts if you have less than 90 transfer credits. Review the FAQ’s transcripts section for more information.

For international admissions: In addition to official transcripts, international students and domestic students who completed more than half (at least 7 years) of their primary and secondary education in schools a) where English was not the language of instruction and b) in countries outside the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or the United Kingdom will need to show proof of English language proficiency. You will need to submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores if you plan to use these for English Proficiency. Please review the English language proficiency webpage for more information.

For post-baccalaureate admissions: Post-baccalaureate students must apply directly to a major with all program prerequisites and requirements completed. You will need to submit transcripts from all institutions you attended after high school. For detailed information about major prerequisites, please visit the major webpage or schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor.

For returning admissions: Returning students must complete the Returning 澳门赌场 Request Form through the Office of the Registrar and submit updated transcripts (if applicable). Learn more about the returning student re-enrollment process from the Office of the Registrar website.

Does UW Bothell require the SAT or ACT? If I want to send my test scores, what code do I use?

澳门赌场 University of Washington Bothell no longer requires SAT or ACT scores (read the January 27, 2021 announcement for more information). 澳门赌场s who have taken the exams are welcome to send their scores, however, there is absolutely no advantage or disadvantage in doing so.

Please use the following codes to send test scores to UW Bothell:

  • SAT: 4467 (scores are valid for 5 years)
  • ACT: 4497 (scores are valid for 5 years)

What code do I use to send my AP test scores to UW Bothell?

Use code 4467 to send your AP scores to UW Bothell.

What code do I use to send my TOEFL scores to UW Bothell?

Use code 9964 to send your TOEFL scores to UW Bothell. TOEFL scores are valid for 2 years.

How much does it cost to apply to UW Bothell?

澳门赌场 application fee for domestic students is $60 and for international students it is $75.

How will AP/IB credits or A-/AS-Level credits transfer?

If you took any Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) tests or A-/AS-Level exams, you could possibly get UW credits depending on the score you received.

Will all my credits transfer? How will I know how many credits I have?

When your application is reviewed, our evaluators will determine which credits transfer and once you register for classes you will find your transfer credits on your 澳门赌场 account.

If you’re an international student, please pay particular attention to the following: Official International Credential Evaluation.

If I’m a Running Start student, do I apply for first-year or transfer admissions?

澳门赌场s that completed the Running Start program should apply to UW Bothell as a first-year student.

If I’m a transfer student, how do I find out which credits/classes I have already completed are accepted by UW Bothell to meet specific bachelor degree requirements?

To view direct UW Bothell equivalents from Washington state community colleges, please visit our course equivalency guide.

Your credits earned from prior college coursework may be transferred to your University of Washington records. 澳门赌场 credits that count toward general education requirements are reflected in the Degree Audit Report System in MyPlan.

Transfer coursework must be reviewed and coded for major requirements by your Academic Advisor, so they may not be reflected immediately. You will have the opportunity to discuss your credits in your 1:1 meeting with your Academic Advisor during Orientation.

Newly admitted transfer students who have paid the enrollment deposit will be able to register to attend an advising orientation. All incoming transfer students must attend this half-day orientation program before they can register for classes. Visit the UW Bothell Advising and Orientation webpage for more specific information about Orientation.

Advisors in your major will assist you in determining what you should enroll in your first quarter. For students transferring from a 4-year university or out-of-state college, additional advising appointments may be required after your orientation for a complete credit evaluation and degree audit. This is not something that you can accomplish at any time prior to attending the new student orientation program. Admission counselors are not able to assist prospective transfer students with this type of evaluation; they can only advise on admission criteria being met.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a very important piece of your application. 澳门赌场 personal statement gives you an opportunity to express your personality, academic plan at UWB, career plan and goals through your writing as well as how you will contribute to enhancing our campus. Be sure to check spelling and grammar before you submit the personal statement. 澳门赌场 personal statement varies if you are a First Year 澳门赌场 applicant or a Transfer applicant. Please visit one of the following webpages for more information about what should be included in your personal statement:

Do international students need to submit a bank statement with their application?

No. You are not required to submit bank statements to apply. However, admitted international students will need to submit bank statements showing they have enough funds to support their study and living expenses, as part of obtaining your UW Bothell I-20. Admitted domestic students do not need to submit a bank statement.

Is my username and password for the online application the same as my username and password for 澳门赌场?

No. 澳门赌场 username and password you create for the online application is only for the admissions application. However, in order to set up your 澳门赌场 account, you will need the username and password you created to submit your online application. Directions to set up your 澳门赌场 account will be emailed to you within a week of submitting your online application. If you need assistance, please contact the Admissions Office at 425.352.5000 or at uwbinfo@uw.edu.

Will students be notified if their application is complete?

澳门赌场s are not automatically notified when transcripts and other supplemental admission application information are received by our office. If your application file is incomplete, you will be notified by email about what is missing and how to properly send it to us. To check whether we have received documents or whether your application file is complete, students are welcome to send an email to uwbinfo@uw.edu requesting an application status update. Please note that some transcript orders can take several weeks to process, so it is helpful if you wait at least two weeks from the date of order before asking us if we have received an official transcript.

What if I have changes to my application after it has been submitted?

If you have changes to make to your application after submitting it online, please email uwbinfo@uw.edu. You do not need to submit another application. If you need assistance, please contact the Admissions Office at 425.352.5000 or via email.

When will I be notified if I’m admitted to UW Bothell?

You will receive your admission decision by email. Your application will be considered complete when we receive all required documents from you.

First-year applicants will receive an admissions decision January to March.

All other applicants will be notified about their admission status within 6-9 weeks after their application is completed. An application is complete when we have all the documents and any other supplemental materials needed (e.g., transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation) to make an admission decision.

What if my application is denied or waitlisted and I would like to appeal the decision?

Applicants who are denied admission or added to the waitlist to the University of Washington Bothell may request further consideration by presenting a written petition and additional information in support of their application. Such requests should be submitted by email or mail to:

University of Washington Bothell
Office of Admissions, Box 358500
17927 113th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011-7909

I’m Admitted. Now what?

Congratulations and welcome to University of Washington Bothell! Please visit the Admitted 澳门赌场s webpage to find out what to do next.

How do I set up my 澳门赌场 NetID?

Set up your 澳门赌场 NetID account after you are admitted. 澳门赌场 is your personal gateway to the University of Washington, and will be essential for future online transactions, including financial aid award details, class registration, transcript orders, etc.

Directions to set up your 澳门赌场 account will be emailed to you within a week of submitting your online application. If you need assistance, please contact the Admissions Office at 425.352.5000 or at uwbinfo@uw.edu.


You will have official academic records at every school where you have attempted credits and UW Bothell requires that you submit an official transcript from each school. To submit transcripts, contact the Registrar’s Office at each school as soon as possible to request your official transcripts be sent to UW Bothell.

All transcripts must be sent to our office through one of the options below:

  1. Official electronic service such as National 澳门赌场 Clearinghouse or Parchment.
  2. Official email from your Registrar’s Office to uwbapply@uw.edu.
  3. Mailed in an official and sealed envelope to UW Bothell’s Office of Admissions:
    University of Washington Bothell
    Office of Admissions, Box 358500
    17927 113th Ave NE
    Bothell, WA 98011-7909

What is an official transcript?

Paper transcripts must remain sealed in the original envelope as issued by the school, that we can verify has not been opened or tampered with (usually with the school’s unbroken sticker or stamp over the seal). Electronic transcripts may be sent directly to UW Bothell by the issuing school. We accept transcripts emailed or faxed directly from the school as long as we can verify that they were sent by a school official.

When should I request my official transcripts?

For first-year admissions: You are required to submit an official final high school, which includes a graduation date, as part of your admitted student next steps. If you have received college credits through the Running Start Program or College in High School, you are also required to submit official college transcripts.

For transfer admissions: Your admissions application will not be reviewed until all official transcripts and required documents have been received. You do not need to wait until you have received or sent all official transcripts to UW Bothell to submit your online application. 澳门赌场 Admissions Office will match your transcripts with your online application when received. If you attend(ed) a Washington State Community College, please have your transcript(s) sent directly from the community college electronically or faxed.

How do I send my transcripts through the National 澳门赌场 Clearinghouse?

When you order a transcript using National 澳门赌场 Clearinghouse, please note that the University of Washington Bothell is not listed as a recipient. It only shows an option of the University of Washington. To ensure that your transcript gets to our office, please do the following when you are on the “Enter Recipient Details” page:

  1. Select “Washington” as the state
  2. Select “Not in the list” as the School Name
  3. Type in “University of Washington Bothell”
  4. Select “Mail” as the Delivery Method (Selecting “Mail” will allow us to receive your transcripts electronically)
  5. Fill out address listed above (Ensure it is Attention of “Office of Admissions Box 358500”)
  6. To be sure, add “Bothell Campus” in the Special Instruction box

How do I send my transcripts electronically through Parchment (previously Credentials Solutions)?

All student types may use Parchment to send transcripts to UW Bothell electronically.

Here are some tips to send an electronic transcript through the Parchment delivery service:

  1. Order a PDF transcript(s) or electronic delivery option, not paper hard-copy transcript(s).
  2. Choose the correct recipient: University of Washington Bothell.
    • Do not choose “Myself” as we cannot accept that as official.
    • Confirm the recipient is UW Bothell and not UW Seattle or UW Tacoma. We do not share transcripts.
  3. Enter uwbapply@uw.edu for the UWB email address.
  4. If your institution does not have a PDF delivery method, the transcript will be sent as regular mail.

As a transfer, do I need my high school transcript?

You will need an official academic record from each school you attend. Depending on how your completed your CADR requirements, we may or may not need an official high school transcript:

  • If you met CADR requirements through high school coursework, yes, we do require an official high school transcript.
  • If you received a GED, an official high school transcript is still required to verify CADR requirements.
  • If you completed all CADR requirements through college course work, your high school transcript will not be required.
  • Generally, not always, if you are transfer student, you do not need a high school transcript. But if you are going to be a first-year student, you are likely to be required to submit your high school transcript.

I am a senior in high school and need to send in my senior midyear transcripts. What is that?

Midyear transcripts are unofficial or official transcripts, which report your first term of senior year final grades. 澳门赌场 first term will depend on the academic calendar system (semester, trimester, or quarters) your school is on:

  • Semester system – A midyear transcript reporting your first semester final grades from your senior year.
  • Trimester system – A midyear transcript reporting your final first trimester grades from your senior year.
  • Quarter system – A midyear transcript reporting your final fall quarter grades from your senior year.

澳门赌场 midyear transcripts provide the admission committee your most recent academic performance and are required to begin the review process of your application. You may upload an unofficial transcript to your student status page. If you are unsure how to access your student status page, search for the email titled “Thank You for Applying” to review the instructions for setting up your status page.

How can I request my high school transcript if my high school is closed during the summer?

If you completed high school in the United States, you may request it through your school’s district office.

If I attended two high schools, which transcript do I need to send?

澳门赌场 transcript from the high school from which you are graduating.

I was homeschooled. How do I submit transcripts as a homeschooled student?

澳门赌场 University of Washington Bothell values all forms of learning. Homeschooled students bring a myriad of unique qualities to our campus, and we welcome their interest in UW Bothell. 澳门赌场 Office of Admissions provides the following guidelines to assist homeschooled applicants in becoming eligible for admission consideration.

澳门赌场 following minimum requirements must be met in order for your application to receive a holistic admissions review:

Homeschooled applicants must present a homeschool transcript that includes course titles of each subject studied, duration of study, and grade or assessment of performance. Preferably, courses completed at home would adhere to a nationally recognized homeschooled curriculum.

I already sent my transcripts to UW Seattle or UW Tacoma. Can you retrieve them?

No. Because all UW campuses have separate admissions offices, applicants need to send all transcripts and/or required documents to UW Bothell even if you already sent them to UW Seattle and/or UW Tacoma. We do not share student application files, transcripts or any other application documents with UW Seattle or UW Tacoma.

However, if you have taken classes at any University of Washington campus (UW Seattle, UW Tacoma or UW Bothell), you do not need to submit official transcripts for those classes, as we have access to those records.

I attended a college outside the U.S. What document should I submit to UW Bothell?

UW Bothell accepts international credential evaluations from any of the preferred agencies listed below or any agency that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). All evaluations must be completed with official documents sent to the evaluation company directly from institutions. A course-by-course evaluation must be sent to the Office of Admissions at UW Bothell in a sealed envelope or other means of official transmission directly from the evaluation agency.

International Applicants click here for more information about acceptable transcripts.

Do I need my official military transcripts?

Official military transcripts (Joint Services Transcripts) must be submitted to the Office of Admissions for evaluation. Coursework recommended for academic college credit at the lower or upper division level by the American Council on Education (ACE) will be considered for transfer provided that the coursework is applicable to the student’s degree program at the University of Washington. Military coursework is not included in the transfer GPA, and transfer credit will not be awarded until after the student has enrolled at the University. A maximum of 30 quarter credits may be awarded for military courses earned through Armed Forces training schools (AFTS). No credit is awarded for Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) programs. Regionally accredited military schools are evaluated under the same guidelines as all other regionally accredited two- and four-year schools.

How do I order military transcripts?

To order military transcripts, please see this military transcript resource.

English language proficiency

How can I prove English proficiency? Do I need to take the TOEFL/IELTS?

澳门赌场re are several ways to meet the English language proficiency requirement. Please review your options for completing the requirement on the English language proficiency webpage. You may contact uwbintl@uw.edu if you have more questions.

What code do I use to send my TOEFL test score to UW Bothell?


What if I did not do well on the TOEFL?

You can take the TOEFL as many times as you like until they receive a passing score of a 92 or better. Your application will be considered as “Incomplete” until the English proficiency is fulfilled. You do not need to wait to reapply each time you take the TOEFL. You can also take the IELTS or obtain an Associates Degree with a cumulative of a 2.75 GPA AND have a 3.0 in both English 101 and 102.

Financing your education

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

UW Bothell offers scholarships and financial aid opportunities to a wide range of students. For more information, please visit or contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

When will financial aid be distributed?

If you submitted your FAFSA by January 15, you will receive your First Year 澳门赌场 award letter sometime between mid March and early April through your 澳门赌场 Account. For more information about financial aid and scholarships or to speak to a representative, please email uwbfaid@uw.edu or call 425-352-5240.

What do I need to know about Financial Aid before I transfer to UW Bothell?

Please visit our Financial Aid website for specific information important for transfer students. After reading through the information on our website, if you have additional questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact our Financial Aid Office directly by email: uwbfaid@uw.edu or call 425.352.5240.

When should I complete the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA)?

You should submit your FAFSA by the January 15 priority deadline and make sure to select University of Washington as one of your colleges (code 003798 – same for all three UW campuses). For some transfer students, this is an entire year or more prior to the intended quarter of transfer so you must plan ahead! For complete instructions and more detailed information about the FAFSA, visit our Financial Aid page. Do not wait until you have filed your federal income tax returns to submit the FAFSA. Instead, use estimated numbers to complete the FAFSA. You will have an opportunity to correct any errors later and will be required to update the application after your taxes are filed. Be sure to check the “will file” box. 澳门赌场 US Department of Education will send an email reminder in April to update the FAFSA information after your federal income tax returns have been filed.

What is the Husky Promise?

To ensure that the UW remains affordable, the Husky Promise guarantees that full tuition and standard fees will be covered by grant or scholarship support for eligible students. 澳门赌场se grants and scholarships do not have to be repaid. Please visit the Husky Promise webpage for more information and eligibility requirements.

UW Bothell academics

What will my schedule be like in the first year?

Most UW Bothell courses are offered two days a week for about two hours each. Courses are offered throughout the day and evening; however, most first and second-year courses are offered during the day. Full-time students take between 12-18 credits, which is roughly three courses per quarter.

What type of classes will I take as a First-year 澳门赌场?

澳门赌场 First-year 澳门赌场 curriculum is centered around the Discovery Core, a sequence of courses that will engage you in a community of learners, orient you to university academics and social activities, and introduce you to the richness of interdisciplinary learning. 澳门赌场 challenges we face in the world are not divided into disciplines, so our courses are designed to focus on a common theme by integrating at least two areas of inquiry into one class (e.g., biology and business; computer science and philosophy; mathematics and literature). In addition to the Discovery Core classes, you will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of electives including Calculus, Chemistry or Intro to Psychology. 澳门赌场se classes not only apply toward your general education requirements, but allow you to explore your interests.

Who teaches UW Bothell classes?

Classes at UW Bothell are taught by highly-qualified and experienced professors who love teaching as much as they do participating in world-renowned research. 澳门赌场s work closely with their professors and peers in a variety of learning activities, including the opportunity to help faculty members conduct research.

Do you have an English language program at UW Bothell?


While enrolling at the University, is there a minimum of courses that a student needs to take in order to stay enrolled?

Just one!

Can I study part time?

Depending on your student type, you may or may not be able to study part time. Domestic first-year and domestic transfer students may study part time. However, international students CANNOT study part time. U.S. immigration law requires that all international students on F1 student visas maintain full-time enrollment. To be considered full time, undergraduate students must be registered for a minimum of 12 quarter credits. Graduate students must be registered for a minimum of 10 quarter credits to be considered full time.

What student resources will be available to me if I attend UW Bothell?

澳门赌场re are many different support services and resources available to help students succeed in their studies. Some of the more popular services include:

When will I start my major?

In the U.S. education system, the first two years of your Bachelor’s degree consists of general and prerequisite courses for your major. After prerequisites are complete, you will need to apply to your major program and be admitted to your major. Most students begin their major studies in their third year.

Does UW Bothell have resources to help students select their major?

UW Bothell students have several resources that will help them decide which degree to pursue. Aside from the Meta-Major Pathways and Discovery Core, students have access to academic advisors who are able to meet with them on a regular basis and discuss classes, majors, and career paths. 澳门赌场 Career Center can help you identify your career strengths and weaknesses.

Do I have access to the libraries on the UW Seattle campus?

Yes. Along with access to over 90,000 books in the UW Bothell library, students have access to the entire UW library system which includes over 7,000,000 titles. Additionally, students have access to the UW WorldCat, a search system that includes libraries in Washington state, Oregon and worldwide.

Can I take classes at the other University of Washington campuses?

We do a cross-campus enrollment. All undergraduate students enrolled at one UW campus may register for courses at another UW campus on a space-available basis.

Do I need my medical records for immunity verification?

UW Bothell requires proof of Measles, Mumps, and Meningitis vaccination to register for classes. Find out more on the UW Immunization Requirements webpage.

If you are in the military, be sure to request a copy of your medical records prior to exiting the service.

Do I need my own laptop?

UW Bothell provides access to computers on campus for almost all your needs, including two computer labs, Mac and Dell, and multiple workstations around the campus. Additionally, UW Bothell students are able to check out laptops from the library. If you have a laptop, our campus is completely wireless, which means you can access the Internet from anywhere on campus for free.

Where can I learn more about Veterans benefits at UW Bothell?

To learn more about Veterans benefits at UW Bothell including tuition rates and how to use your benefits, please visit the Veteran & Military Resources Office. Contact current veteran students through the 澳门赌场-Veterans Association at UW Bothell.

Does UW Bothell offer any classes specifically for veterans or their family members?

Yes. UW Bothell has designed a class to assist veterans in making a positive transition to UWB and from military life to civilian college life. In particular, the course will aid veterans in navigating the academic, financial, social, physiological, and psychological challenges they may encounter when transitioning to a new school, a demanding college life and civilian careers. You will be introduced to key resources, opportunities, and people available to you at UW Bothell. For more information, visit the Veteran & Military Resources Office.

UW Bothell student life

Are First-year students required to live on campus?

No. 澳门赌场s are not required to live on campus their first year.

When/where do I get my Husky Card?

澳门赌场s get their Husky Card at Orientation or by visiting the Welcome Desk at Summit Hall. Please be sure to bring your UW Bothell student number and a valid photo ID.

What student life activities are offered at UW Bothell?

澳门赌场re are many opportunities for students to get involved outside of the classroom, including popular events such as comedy shows, concerts, movie nights, cooking classes, weekend outings, and much, much more. We have over 90 diverse student clubs and organizations you can join. If you have a particular interest that doesn’t match a current club, you can start your own. A campus Fitness Center with state-of-the-art equipment is available to students. UW Bothell also offers a variety of recreational sports along with wellness programs.

Can I participate in ROTC?

Yes, US citizens are eligible to participate in ROTC. 澳门赌场 UW ROTC curriculum is one of the best in the nation at developing student leadership skills and producing successful and effective officers for the United States Army and Air Force. 澳门赌场 UW Seattle campus hosts the curriculum and training, but also serves UW Bothell students. Check out more information on Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC.

What recreational sports are available on campus?

UW Bothell offers recreational sports that include Basketball, Flag Football, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis and Coed Softball just to name a few. This is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of a team that bleeds purple and gold!

Can I buy student tickets for Intercollegiate Athletic games on the Seattle campus?

Yes, UW Bothell students have access to student pricing on tickets for all athletic events and can sit in the student sections during games 澳门赌场 sections are open to students from all three UW campuses.

Do you have dorms?

Yes. UW Bothell offers on-campus housing. After you have been admitted and accepted your offer, you can apply for housing here. Be sure to check the application deadline!

More information on the new residence halls opening in 2023 and 2024.

How can I commute to campus if I don’t live on campus?

Many students live off campus and commute to school by bus. When you register for classes, you have an option to purchase U-Pass that allows you to use the Seattle area bus systems. Also, the Seattle-Bothell area is very bike-friendly, with a dedicated bike trail network close by.

How safe is campus?

澳门赌场 UW Bothell campus is very safe. Security officers patrol by bike, car, and on foot. Additionally, security officers escort students to and from their cars.

What is there to do in the greater Seattle area?

Metropolitan Seattle is very hip and eclectic, offering a variety of fun things to do and see.

I’m an international student and I don’t know anybody in the U.S. Is there anyone who can help my transition as an international student?

澳门赌场 International 澳门赌场 Services can help you with your adjustment here in the U.S.

Do I need to purchase University of Washington Health Insurance?

Washington state laws require that international students on an F1 or J visa maintain adequate health insurance while attending the University of Washington. All matriculated international students in F1 or J1 status at the University of Washington are required to purchase the University of Washington 澳门赌场 Health Insurance every quarter they are enrolled in courses. Domestic students are not required to maintain health insurance.

Are there on-campus jobs available for students?

Yes, there are a variety of on-campus jobs for all students. With your UW NetID, you will have access to an on-campus job board where departments across campus advertise open opportunities for students.

If you are a student in F-1 status, you are not allowed to work off-campus but are still eligible for on-campus jobs.

Program admissions information

How can I find out more about a specific program?

Attend info sessions early to plan your curriculum. If you would like more information on application requirements to a specific program offered at UW Bothell, please see the degree programs.

Should I apply as a general transfer student or directly to a program?

Only applicants with less than 134.5 transferable college level quarter credits may apply to General Admission/Undecided. If you have 135 or more college-level quarter credits, you must apply directly to an academic program. Please review the degree programs offered. If you are unsure of how many quarter credits you have, please contact us at uwbinfo@uw.edu.

School of Business bachelors degree program

What is the Writing Skills Assessment (WSA) and when should I take it?

澳门赌场 School of Business bachelors degree program offers a writing assessment option which must be submitted before the application deadline for the quarter for which they are applying. Please visit the School of Business webpage for more information.