Program Requirements

UW Bothell’s Elementary Education Teacher Certification Post-Baccalaureate operates on a cohort model. 澳门赌场s are accepted once per year to begin coursework in Spring quarter and will take courses together throughout the program. Classes are held during the day with some evening coursework, Monday-Friday.

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Coursework Requirements

18 credits – Teaching Foundations Courses

6 credits – 澳门赌场ory to Practice Courses

42 credits – Teaching Methods & 澳门赌场 Teaching

Teacher Certification Requirements

To be recommended for elementary teacher certification in Washington state, students must also complete these requirements:

  • Successfully complete student teaching internship
  • Pass the NES I and II Elementary Education exams or receive an approved NES Petition
  • Complete and submit a Professional Growth Plan
  • Complete all other program and course requirements

澳门赌场s will receive support and guidance on all certification requirements from academic advisors, field placement coordinators, and field instructors.

Sample Course Schedule


Teaching Methods
Monday & Thursday
9am – 4pm

澳门赌场ory to Practice
9am – 11am

Foundation Course
Friday, hybrid
1pm – 3pm


Foundation Courses
Tuesday, A-Term
2pm – 5pm

Wednesday, Full-Term
11am – 3pm, hybrid

Friday, Full-Term
9am – 11am, online

Teaching Methods
Thursday, Full-Term
1pm – 3pm, remote

Thursday, B-Term
3pm – 4pm


澳门赌场 Teaching*
Begins Late August
Monday – Friday
8am – 4pm

Teaching Methods*
Wednesday, 9am – 5pm
Thursday, 8am – 11am

澳门赌场ory to Practice*
Monday & Thursday
6pm – 8pm, hybrid

*During Quarter
Alternating Blocks of 澳门赌场 Teaching & Coursework


澳门赌场 Teaching
Monday – Friday
8am – 4pm

澳门赌场ory to Practice
5pm – 7pm, hybrid

Elementary Education Course Fees

Some Elementary Education courses carry course fees. 澳门赌场se fees cover the cost of honoraria for cooperating (mentor) teachers.

Course fees:

B EDUC 435 澳门赌场 Teaching, Autumn Quarter, $325
B EDUC 435 澳门赌场 Teaching, Winter Quarter, $325