Applying for Financial Aid

澳门赌场 University of Washington Bothell uses the Free Application for Federal 澳门赌场 Aid (FAFSA) or the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) to apply for financial aid. You should complete the FAFSA or WASFA each year by January 15th to be considered for priority funding.

  • Please note that for the 2024-2025 school year, the priority application date is February 28, 2024. 澳门赌场 University of Washington is encouraging all students to target this date for priority aid consideration. If you are having difficulties submitting your application, please contact our office at 425-352-5240 or

澳门赌场 federal code for the University of Washington is 003798.

澳门赌场 Budgets 2023-2024

Budget ItemLives away from homeLives with ParentsNon-Traditional UndergraduateGraduate 澳门赌场s (Commuter)Graduate 澳门赌场s (Traditional)
Resident Tuition$12,559$12,559$12,559$18,993^^$18,993^^
Books and Supplies$900$900$900$825$825
Room and Board$17,115$5,061$21,438$5,061$21,438
Personal Expenses$2,574**$2,574**$2,574**$3,129**$3,129**
New 澳门赌场 Fee*$370*$370*$370*
Resident Total$35,120$23,066$39,443$29,310$45,987

*First quarter only for newly admitted undergraduate students.
**Figure includes annual loan fees of $66.
^^Figure shown is Graduate Tier II programs. Tuition and rates table.

澳门赌场 following links will help you navigate through the financial aid application process:

Summer Financial Aid

Summer Quarter is the first quarter of the academic year. If you want financial aid for the Summer 2024 quarter then you will complete the 2024-2025 FAFSA or the 2024-2025 WASFA, in addition to the UW Summer Aid Application. You can find this UW Summer Aid Application located on your 澳门赌场 account which becomes available on April 1st to students.

For more information on summer financial aid please go to the following website: