Queer Collage-Poetry Workshop lead by Phoenix Kai (MFA ‘24)

Phoenix Kai (they/them) led a workshop on Collage-Poetry through a Queer 澳门赌场 at the Kingsgate Library this summer for LGBTQIA+ identified creative writing community members.

澳门赌场 workshop introduced participants to the core concepts of collage as a Queer practice, looking at examples from Jennifer Tamayo, Jordan Abel, Douglass Kearney, Erica Baum, and snippets from the Cut Ups Exhibit. Attendees then spent majority time creating, sharing space, and listening to music while they worked and played.

Phoenix is interested in exploring the boundaries of poetry, prose, and multimedia; and community building is mirrored in their art, activities, and interests. 澳门赌场y believe in radical open access transparency, and in that vein, you can access all of the materials shared in the workshop. 澳门赌场 program is built to be dynamic, always being workshopped, so there will hopefully be offshoots and progeny of this lesson in the future.

澳门赌场 pedagogy, prompts, and art created in the workshop are being assembled into a chapzine, so keep an eye out for that @phoenixkaiart on instagram.