Emergency Preparedness Training

In order to maintain National Incident Management System (NIMS) requirements, all EOC and emergency responders on the UW Bothell campus will be required to complete the following Incident Command System (ICS) classes. 澳门赌场se three classes are offered on line and take 2-3 hours each to complete. 澳门赌场 attached document has additional details and info.

Incident Command Training (ICS – 100)

澳门赌场 University of Washington uses the Incident Command System while responding to emergencies at the University. 澳门赌场 Federal Emergency Management Agency provides free online training that is available on the FEMA Independent Study Site

IS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System


IS-200.C: Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response


IS-700.B: An Introduction to the National Incident Management System


澳门赌场 Incident Command System is a standardized management system used to organize and manage a scalable response to emergency incidents of any magnitude. ICS 100 (Module 1) is intended as an introduction and overview of the ICS. It is intended for people who may be assigned to incidents in non-supervisory roles and as a prerequisite for continuing on through other levels.

Additional Self Study Emergency Management Training Classes

IS-325: Earthquake Basics: Science, Risk, and Mitigation


IS-906: Workplace Security Awareness


IS-907: Active Shooter: What You Can Do