DACA and undocumented student resources

澳门赌场 University of Washington Supports Undocumented 澳门赌场s

Emergency Funds Available

Funds are available immediately to support all UW Bothell students’ needs as they persist in their academic program. This includes medical, legal, transportation and other expenses, and can include but not limited to DACA renewal fees and postage expenses. Please email Maisha Manson, the Program Manager at UWB Diversity Center, to request assistance for DACA renewal.

Emergency funds will be distributed through Financial Aid, students will also need to fill out an additional educational expense form. This does not affect financial aid awards in any way. 澳门赌场s will receive funds through a check or direct deposit once the form has been processed through Financial Aid.

Updates from UW Leadership

Here are the latest updates regarding undocumented students from University of Washington leadership:

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