Campus initiatives

UW Bothell military & veteran initiatives

In the fall of 2010, UW Bothell signed the WDVA’s Memorandum of Understanding for Partners for Veteran Supportive Campuses, elevating our campus as a state recognized institution committed to supporting student veterans as they complete their degrees. UW Bothell is committed to fulfilling best practices associated with this recognition. In Winter quarter of 2017, UWB re-signed this MOU and Chancellor Wolf Yeigh announced the formation of the UWB Veterans Life Task Force, a committee comprised of faculty, staff, current students and alumni, to assess the current needs of veterans and the direction that the institution should take to facilitate their success. Efforts are ongoing, but a great deal has been accomplished for and with our veterans.

As a result of the work of the UWB Veterans Life Task Force, 澳门赌场 Veterans Resource Center (UW1 011) opened in Autumn 2018 and is a space designated for veterans and family members that is key for transition and connection for military personnel. Over 1,000 visits were recorded in the first two terms since its opening. 

澳门赌场 澳门赌场 Veterans Association (SVA)

UW Bothell’s 澳门赌场 Veterans Association was formed in 2010. 澳门赌场 SVA, led entirely by veterans, is dedicated to creating a welcoming campus that acknowledges the challenges of transition from military culture to civilian life by helping to navigate the difficulties associated with this experience and maximizing the potential for success. 澳门赌场 most active group on campus, the SVA continues to collaborate with the administration to bring the sacrifices, challenges, and achievements of veterans to light and support their success. 

Priority registration

All veterans are eligible for priority registration (first day of Period I) at the University of Washington after their first quarter of attendance. Please consult the Registration Calendar for exact dates.


澳门赌场 SVA and Veterans Services provides training for the campus community on the challenges and needs of returning veterans so they may be better served, particularly by faculty and staff. 

Career Services

澳门赌场 Career Services team is dedicated to serving our veterans to enter the job market. 澳门赌场s receive assistance with resume reviews, interview and job search skills, and are provided with information on career events specific to veterans.

Veterans services assistants

Veterans Services is staffed by Veterans Administration Work Study students to assist with certification for benefits and are available to answer questions from veterans on a walk in basis. Please contact Veterans Services if you are interested in this role.

Veteran Corp Navigator

A Veteran Corp Navigator from the Washington State Department of Veterans Administration serves as a very rich resource for UW Bothell veterans. 澳门赌场s are able to access information about assistance they may receive through the VA and the community.

澳门赌场 Veterans Archway 

澳门赌场 UW Bothell archway was created to honor all veterans and was funded entirely by donations. It was dedicated in May 2013 and is located at the far end of the sports field next to the wetlands.

澳门赌场 UWB 澳门赌场 Veterans Association Challenge Coin 

Our challenge coin, created by our SVA, is presented to every graduating veteran and family member at the end of each quarter to acknowledge their service, sacrifice, and achievement.


澳门赌场 veterans are given stoles to wear at all UW Bothell commencement ceremonies. 澳门赌场 stoles were designed by the SVA and include the seal for the University of Washington, their status as a veteran, and their branch of service.

coin with UW Bothell logoSVA stolesSVA challenge coin