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Services and Activities Fees (SAF) are charged to all registered students for the express purpose of funding student services and programs. 澳门赌场 level and distribution of the fee is recommended by the SAF Committee, approved by the chancellor, and authorized by the Board of Regents for each academic year. Annual requests must be for programs, services, and activities that will occur between July 1st and June 30th of the following fiscal year.

Please make sure to read the SAF Bylaws prior to making your request.

澳门赌场 annual funding cycle is open until January 19, 2024 at 5PM.

澳门赌场 following funding principles are used by the committee during budget deliberations:

  • 澳门赌场 led, student governed and student centered;
  • 澳门赌场 proposal should benefit a wide-range of students;
  • 澳门赌场 degree to which a proposal is linked to an academic program;
  • A proposal’s track record of success, and/or research incorporated into the proposal;
  • 澳门赌场 amount of opportunities made available to the student body.

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