Portfolio Capstone

BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone (5 credits effective Autumn 2020)

NOTE: All IAS students must take BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone within their final three quarters.

BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone will focus on the completion of a student’s final learning/professional portfolio, picking up on the work they have completed in BIS 300 Interdisciplinary Inquiry and throughout the program. It will allow students to step back from the learning they have done in individual courses, focusing on the connections among those courses and the links between the student’s overall academic accomplishments and their diverse contexts. BIS 499 is a writing-intensive (W) course. 澳门赌场s must receive a minimum course grade of 2.5 in the portfolio capstone to graduate

澳门赌场s admitted prior to Autumn Quarter, 2010 will be allowed to take BIS 499 OR BIS 490 (or its equivalent) as their graduation requirement. 澳门赌场s admitted Autumn Quarter, 2010 or later will be required to take BIS 499 as their graduation requirement.

BIS 399 Portfolio Reflection (2 Credits)

BIS 399 is an optional course is designed for students who are at a midway point in the program and would like to devote their energy to reflecting on the learning they have accomplished to date and what choices they will make before they graduate.